About me

Hello there!

My name is Carlos, but you can call me Cadu. I'm a 26 (at 2023) years old brazilian cis man, and my pronoumns are he/him/his. I live in São Paulo with my 2 cats, Steve and Minerva.

Picture of me in my talk at the Campus Party Brasil 2023

My path

I started (and have not finished yet) Physics at USP, but I learnt how to program in 2012 in my "Data processing" technical course (later renamed to "Information technology").

Since then, I have played with Java, C#, PHP, C, C++, Dart, Python, Javascript, Ruby... I have developed a dozen portfolios, with simple HTML and CSS pages and with more complex technologies. I've planned and developed data pipelines for a few of the biggest companies in Brazil.

Besides that, my first and second work experiences were both as a teacher. I started as a "on duty" teacher in a prep school for exams, where I taught how to solve physics and math problems. Later I went to work in a reinforcement school for young chinese children, mostly helping them understand how to interpret math problems in school in portuguese, that wasn't their first language.

Since school, I have always found easy to explain things to people. Everyone told me I was good teaching, because I'm able to explain the same thing in multiple ways. These experiences as a teacher helped me develop this skill even further, while I learnt how to comunicate better with strangers, and even with larger groups of people. These last two were necessary, because I'm really shy and I don't have almost any social skills.

Despite that, I always liked going to technology events. My first was a Campus Party in 2014, but I went to hundreds of different events: from small meetups to giant conferences, some hackathons and a lot of online talks. That's important to know because it was an event (AI Fest in 2018) what made me want to work in technology after 3 years without almost no contact with it.

A few months later, in 2019, I got my first (and only, honestly) oportunity: Data engineering intern in a marketing consultancy. There I learnt a lot about analytics engineering, from Google Tag Manager to Google Analytics, while I started learning about cloud computing. This was when I started getting closer to some communities, and started hearing about the technology bubble in social media. It was also when I made my first blog post, at DP6's blogs talking about Data Quality.

I've become an expert in Google Cloud, taking the Professional Data Engineer and Professional Cloud Architect certifications. In these 4 years I also published 14 (I think) blog posts at DP6's blog, but the one I am most proud of is my "Essential guide to regular expressions" (in portuguese). This is the kind of content I like writing, and the best feedback I heard of it was:

I was reading this post and it felt like I was talking to you, the style of writing. Then when I got to the end it had your name and picture.


The truth is I always wanted to create content. I dreamt about making a youtube channel since 2012, when "youtuber" started being a thing, but I've always procrastinated that. I started my "personal" blog a couple times but never engaged with it. I've tried doing lives on twitch in 2021 and really enjoyed it, but I wasn't happy with the quality and my computer didn't help, so I stopped. This year I planned a schedule of subjects I want to talk about and started publishing on my dev community profile (dev.to/1cadumagalhaes), and I loved the feedback and reach I got. It has been on hold because of work, but I'll start to push again this week. And as you can see by the length of this text, I like to write too.

I'll translate the few posts I have already and publish them one at a time here, so follow my social media to know about them.

In general, here are some topics I'll talk about soon: Linux, Docker, Terraform, SQL, Git, Google Apps Script, BigQuery, Cloud Functions, dbt, Apache Airflow, Python, NodeJS, data modeling, serverless applications, deploy of complex applications in production. I'm also always open to hear suggestions of ideas, so feel free to reach me.