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Cadu Magalhães

Hello there!

My name is Carlos, but you can call me Cadu. I'm a 26 (at 2023) years old brazilian cis man, and my pronoumns are he/him/his. I live in São Paulo with my 2 cats, Steve and Minerva.

The truth is I always wanted to create content. I dreamt about making a youtube channel since 2012, when "youtuber" started being a thing, but I've always procrastinated that. I started my "personal" blog a couple times but never engaged with it. I've tried doing lives on twitch in 2021 and really enjoyed it, but I wasn't happy with the quality and my computer didn't help, so I stopped. This year I planned a schedule of subjects I want to talk about and started publishing on my dev community profile (dev.to/1cadumagalhaes), and I loved the feedback and reach I got. It has been on hold because of work, but I'll start to push again this week. And as you can see by the length of this text, I like to write too.

I'll translate the few posts I have already and publish them one at a time here, so follow my social media to know about them.

You can read all about me on my about page

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